New Temaki House Offers Superb Sushi On-the-Go

Looking for a fun, fast way to get fresh sushi for lunch? Problem solved!

A new option for a healthy and wholesome lunch enters the downtown Indianapolis scene this month with the opening of Temaki House. Experience high-quality Japanese cuisine, prepared fresh with a Brazilian flair and served fast at an affordable price.


Your Health Matters as Much as Your Appetite

Conveniently located near Monument Circle, Temaki House offers a delicious alternative for the busy lunchtime crowd. Discover the perfect balance between grains, vegetables and proteins by choosing from our carefully crafted signature favorites or building your own 3- or 5-ounce temaki to go.

Our chefs make our dishes with only the freshest ingredients, using sustainable and local suppliers whenever possible. We’re working with local farmers to supply our fresh vegetables, and we may soon partner with a local shrimp farm to offer the freshest shrimp available.

Keeping track of calories? Check out the nutrition facts listed on the Temaki House website for each dish we serve. Lunchtime diners can also opt for our delicious hot soups or salads.


The “Temaki” Difference

Temaki is the Japanese word for “hand-roll,” and we serve it fresh in a cone of dried seaweed and filled with your choice of healthy ingredients. Eat it in your hand and get it on the go. You can also eat our sushi in a Don, the Japanese word for “bowl,” or in a salad.

Our Classic Temaki dishes are made with white rice or brown rice, Brazilian cream cheese and mayonnaise, and filled with either salmon, tuna, white fish or tofu, and your choice of vegetables. We’ll make it for you, or you can build your own.

Feeling adventurous? Try one of our Signature Favorites:

  • temaki-menu-roll-indy Indy Temaki – rice, salmon, shimeji (mushrooms), bacon and spicy mayo.
  • temaki-menu-roll-guadalajara Guadalajara – rice, salmon, guacamole, Doritos, spicy mayo.
  • temaki-menu-roll-rio Rio – rice, shrimp, asparagus, Doritos, avocado, spicy mayo.
  • temaki-menu-roll-tokyo Tokyo – rice, smoked tofu, crab, cucumber, Brazilian cream cheese
  • temaki-menu-roll-wethersfield Wethersfield – rice, tuna, smoked tofu, red onions, Brazilian cream cheese
  • temaki-menu-roll-mumbai Mumbai – rice, smoked tofu, asparagus, cucumber, sesame seeds, lemon mayo
  • temaki-menu-roll-nara Nara – rice, salmon, shrimp, wasabi mayo
  • Sicilia Regular 3Sicily – rice, white fish, seaweed salad, asparagus, sesame seeds, lemon mayo
  • floripa regular 4California – rice, crab, mango, cucumber, Brazilian cream cheese

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