Lunchtime on the Go? Try Sushi in a Cone

Spinning your wheels in Indy during the month of June takes on new meaning when it comes to searching for a fast but healthy lunch alternative. Get into gear with lunch at Temaki House, a new downtown option for healthy eating on the go.

Temaki is the Japanese word for “hand roll” and temaki sushi, also known as hand-rolled sushi, is a popular casual Japanese food. We serve our fresh temaki sushi in a cone of dried seaweed filled with your choice of healthy protein, vegetables and rice.

With some calling temaki sushi the next big trend, it’s time to bring your friends or co-workers and find out why Temaki House is sure to become a favorite lunchtime hangout.


What is Temaki?

Unlike the cut sushi rolls you’re probably used to, temaki is prepared in a cone and eaten with your hands instead of using chopsticks or a sushi mat.

In Japanese, the term “maki” refers to any type of sushi using “nori,” or dried seaweed. The term “te” means hand, and the variety of ingredients used to fill the temaki cone is known as “neta.”


Is Temaki Healthy?

As with any sushi, the more you embellish with spicy mayonnaise, cream cheese and crunchy tempura bits, the more calories you’ll consume and the less healthy benefits you’ll receive.

The basic ingredients used in sushi — lean protein, rice and vegetables — provide a multitude of health benefits, including several vitamins, minerals and health-promoting compounds.


How to Prepare Temaki for the Most Health Benefits

While some sushi ingredients are loaded with fine carbohydrates and add more calories, temaki sushi can be prepared in the healthiest of ways.

For instance, you can choose brown rice over white, and our cone-shaped hand rolls typically contain less rice than more traditional sushi rolls.

Increase your proteins and fiber with a side order of salad, miso soup or add more protein to your temaki. Create crunchiness in your sushi by asking for extra vegetables.

Check out the nutritional facts listed on the Temaki House website for each dish we serve. Join us for lunch today!