sushi bowl on rice

Looking for a Healthy Lunch Idea? Eat More Temaki House

Eating lunch in downtown Indianapolis and looking for a healthy lunch idea? No matter whether you work here, live here, or you’re just visiting, you need to check out a new, little hidden gem called for superb sushi on-the-go.

Tucked away on the ground floor of the new Salesforce Tower on Ohio Street, just west of Pennsylvania Street, Temaki House serves up healthy sushi in a variety of ways, but each chef-made version includes fresh fish, rice, and healthy vegetables — staples found in any Japanese diet.

Did you know the Japanese rank No. 1 for longest life expectancy and longest healthy life expectancy in the world? A key factor to their longevity is diet, but it’s also how they eat. They teach children from a young age a traditional saying, “ hara hachi bu,” which means to eat until you are 80 percent full. If all Americans followed that rule, the rate of obesity would not be reaching epidemic proportions. In fact, Indiana has the 15th highest adult obesity rate in the nation, according to a study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. So, unless you’re one of those naturally skinny Hoosiers who never worry about what they eat, the Hara Hachi Bbu way of consuming food may be a good way to start dropping excess pounds.

The Japanese also typically eat from a small bowl, instead of one large plate, and they tend to consume most of their calories from grains, vegetables, and fresh fish. This contrasts greatly with the typical American lunch of burgers and fries, especially the super-sized portions served at some restaurants.

When time is short and you’re searching for a quick lunch downtown, we know how easy it is to fall back on what you know, the typical fast-food options. We challenge you to try something new  — walk on over to the tallest building in Indiana and order your own customized healthy lunch. Our chefs will tempt your taste buds with sushi in a light salad, sushi in a bowl, and even sushi in a crunchy “nori” cone.

While you may want to go easy on the spicy mayonnaise, cream cheese, and crunchy tempura bits if you’re counting calories (check out our nutrition facts), the fresh and flavorful ingredients used to make Temaki House sushi will fill you up and keep you energized. Join us for lunch today!