Making Temaki Sushi is Our Labor of Love

As we all kick back and enjoy a lazy, luxurious Labor Day, the chefs at Temaki House are gearing up for some exciting changes this September. Plan to join us as we expand our menu options, extend our service hours, and create our own sushi labor of love.

Our chefs continue to perfect their culinary expertise, pouring passion and flavors beyond the imagination into every piece. They’ve been working hard to expand our menu to include regular sushi rolls, in addition to our superb sushi selections served in a temaki, bowl or salad.

Open for Dinner & Dessert

Starting after Labor Day, Temaki House will also be extending our hours, staying open for dinner until 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Get sushi for lunch or dinner, and don’t forget to check out our new dessert options!

Any Indy sushi lover knows the best way to experience this mouth-watering delicacy is to ask the chef to create one of his or her own masterpieces. At Temaki House, sushi lovers can order an item off the carefully curated Chef’s Selection menu for a dish that’s sure to please.

Try Our Regional Sushi Specialties

While the origination of sushi dates back thousands of years ago to Japan, many countries have adopted their own styles and recipes. In celebration of that wonderful diversity, Temaki House welcomes you to try any of these specially made “regional” dishes in a temaki (cone), don (bowl) or salad:

  • Indy — We love our hometown, and our hometown loves Bacon! This concoction has it, along with Rice, Salmon, Shimeji Mushrooms and Spicy Mayo.
  • Guadalajara — With a nod to our Mexican neighbors, this Spicy Mayo Sushi with Rice, Salmon, Guacamole and Doritos (yes!) creates a fiesta of flavors in your mouth.
  • Rio — Brazilians work hard and play hard. Celebrate this country’s Independence Day (September 7) with this creation of Rice, Shrimp, Asparagus, Doritos, Avocado and Spicy Mayo.
  • Tokyo — Take part in Japanese history by eating this handmade sushi of Rice, Smoked Tofu, Crab, Cucumber and Brazilian Cream Cheese.
  • Wethersfield — The Queen of England eats sushi, right? She’ll love this sushi made with Tuna, Rice, Smoked Tofu, Red Onions and Brazilian Cream Cheese.
  • Mumbai — The most populous city in India knows good sushi. This vegetarian delight includes Rice, Smoked Tofu, Asparagus, Cucumber, Sesame Seeds and Lemon Mayo.
  • Nara — Find your Zen, like the residents of Japan’s first permanent capital do, by eating this superb sushi concoction of Rice, Salmon, Shrimp and Wasabi Mayo.
  • California — Is sun and surf more your thing? Ride the waves with this sushi made of Rice, Crab, Mango, Cucumber and Brazilian Cheese.
  • Sicily — Add a little Italian flair to your sushi tastebuds with this sushi medley of Rice, White Fish, Seaweed Salad, Asparagus, Sesame Seeds and Lemon Mayo.
  • MelbourneGood onya, mate! Enjoy an Australian “ripper” with this sushi treat of Rice, Tuna Salad, Celery and Tabasco.
  • Taiwan — This sushi isn’t made in China, but it’s a perfect combination of Rice, Shimeji Mushrooms, Cucumbers, Seaweed Salad, Green Onions and Eel Sauce.
  • Massachusetts — Find your inner Patriot with this sushi made with Rice, Asparagus, Carrots, Celery and Ranch Dressing.
  • San Francisco — Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and sink your teeth into our sushi made with Rice, Chicken, Bacon, Avocado and Ranch Dressing.
  • Louisiana — Jazz up your meal with this sushi combo of Rice, Chicken, Bacon, Doritos, Jalapeno, Spicy Mayo and Ranch Dressing.