Online Food Delivery and Catering for Sushi Made Healthy

Rush to work. Rush to pick up the kids. Rush to get home. With so much day-to-day rushing here, there and everywhere, is it no wonder we think there’s no time to eat a healthy lunch or dinner?

Slow down, take a deep breath and check out downtown Indy’s Temaki House, a fast sushi joint now offering online food delivery and catering. It’s a hidden gem tucked away on the ground floor of the new Salesforce Tower, near the corner of Ohio and Pennsylvania streets, with a diverse sushi menu packed full of healthy lunch and dinner items, delivered quickly and conveniently in a variety of ways.

Our sushi options give you just the right amount to fill you up, but not slow you down. Following the Japanese tradition of hara hachi bu, or eating until you’re 80 percent full, Temaki House sushi helps to promote a healthy diet of grains, vegetables and fresh fish or chicken.

Prefer brown rice over white? How about baked salmon or cooked chicken vs. raw tuna or smoked tofu? No matter what your tastebuds desire, we’ve got it all. Our experienced chefs will customize sushi just for you using your preference for raw or baked tuna, raw or baked salmon, raw spicy tuna, or cooked shrimp, crab or chicken.

No superb sushi is complete without fresh, crunchy vegetables. Our go-to staples include green onion, red onion, cucumber, asparagus, carrots, celery, and even a little mango. Try avocado as your “Yummie” item to add a little healthy fats to your sushi.

You won’t find any greasy burgers or fries at Temaki House, but if sandwiches are your thing, we’ve got that, too. Check out our new online catering menu, which not only includes our new, delicious hand-rolled sushi, but also tuna salad, chicken salad and chicken teriyaki sandwiches. Need catering for your next party, conference or meeting? We now offer catering through Ezcater, an online service offering catering from more than 100 Indianapolis restaurants.

To make ordering sushi from Temaki House as convenient as possible, we’ve extended our hours from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Sushi lovers can order ahead for quick carry-out or delivery. If you’re in a hurry for lunch or dinner, visit our website at to place your order ahead of time. We also deliver our delectable sushi through Uber Eats, Grubhub and Postmates.

We know you’re rushing somewhere today, and that’s OK. Just know we’ve got your healthy lunch or dinner waiting for you. It’s just a click away.