Taste a Fusion of International Flavors with Temaki House Sushi

Fusion is the name of the game at Temaki House in downtown Indianapolis. Mingling the big flavors of Brazil with the subtle flavor of Japanese sushi, we bring the same attention to detail that you might expect from a formal sushi restaurant but with a fresh, fast and easy approach.

Our Brazilian/Japanese fusion sushi creates a bigger explosion of flavors with each bite of our mouthwatering temaki (a sushi handroll) – a nontraditional way to eat sushi in America, but one that offers a “build your own burrito” take on eating a healthier fast food.

History of Brazilian and Japanese Fusion Sushi

Did you know that nearly 2 million Japanese descendants, the largest group outside of Japan, live in Brazil?

These Japanese emigrants first came to Brazil in 1908 to work on the country’s coffee plantations, but they kept strong ties to their Japanese heritage, particularly with food. Today, Brazil prides itself on an eclectic menu of fusion dishes (where traditional recipes have been infused with other worldly cuisines).

In Japan, restaurants typically don’t serve temaki because it’s viewed as a very informal way to serve sushi. Instead, temaki is sometimes made at home by combining rice with whatever leftovers might be in the fridge. Thus, the “build your own burrito” take on sushi was born.

Fusing Flavors for Fresh, Fast and Healthy Food

With no compromising on quality or flavor, the chefs at Temaki House don’t start preparing your sushi until you place your order. If you want quick and accessible sushi, know that better options exist than the not-so-fresh sushi you might find at the local grocery store.

When making or eating sushi, freshness is crucial. We don’t keep our sushi sitting in a cooler waiting for you to pick it up. Our chefs make each order by hand, using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients sourced from sustainable and local suppliers whenever possible.

Promoting a healthy diet of grains, vegetables and fresh fish or baked chicken, our sushi options for lunch or dinner will fill you up, but not slow you down.

Healthy Fast Food for Pickup or Online Delivery

Are you short on time to prepare lunch or dinner, and don’t think you have time to enjoy a good sushi meal? Visit Temaki House in the Salesforce Tower and we’ll certainly disprove that notion.

Get our fast, healthy sushi when you’re in a rush. Visit our website at to place your order ahead of time, or request delivery Monday through Friday through Ubereats, Grubhub and Postmates.