Need Food Catering Services? Go Brazilian Style to Spice Up Your Next Event!

Brazilians sure do know how to party. They host one of the most raucous events of the year during this month’s Carnival of Brazil, where food, dancing, music and wild parades fill the streets in celebration for days on end.

To celebrate our Brazilian heritage, cuisine and culture at this special time of year, Temaki House introduces a new item on its menu, The Bauru, a classic Brazilian sandwich. Available to order daily or as part of our catering services, this traditional Brazilian grub features high-quality roast beef served on a fresh baguette with tomatoes, pickles and a secret blend of four cheeses.

History of The Bauru

As popular in Brazil as the BLT is in the U.S., The Bauru got its name in honor of the city of Bauru, located in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. In the mid-1930s, a law student from Bauru walked into his favorite eatery in São Paulo and asked the cook to make the sandwich just for him. He named it in honor of his hometown, and The Bauru quickly gained popularity among the local elite.

More than 80 years later, The Bauru remains a classic at most Brazilian eateries. Treat guests to this delectable fare from Temaki House at your next party, wedding or special event. If it’s just a party, give us 24 hours to prepare the food and provide catering services. If it’s a larger event, such as a spring or summer wedding, we’ll need at least a week’s notice to get the food ready and line up servers.

Food Catering, Brazilian Style

Serving Indianapolis and surrounding counties, we offer food catering Monday through Saturday for customers who place orders at or We require a minimum $48 food order for catering, and if your event requires sushi chefs during a specified period of time, we charge $50 per hour for each chef needed. Servers are also available for hire.

In addition to The Bauru, we offer three other sandwiches for your catered event: tuna salad on a pretzel bun, chicken salad on a brioche bun, and chicken teriyaki on a brioche bun. Most catering packages serve 12, and range in price from $34.90 to $46.80.


We also cater trays of sushi rolls, featuring sushi infused with Brazilian flavor, which vary in size and selections, and range in price from $30 to $52.50. Our hot entrees of sushi include the Indy Don Bowl, Rio Don Bowl, Guadalajara Don Bowl, or choose to build your own with a minimum of 10 ingredients. Most packages serve 5, and range in price from $59.99 to $69.99.

Lastly, don’t forget the dessert! Your guests will fall in love with the Romeo & Juliet, made with guava paste, Brazilian cream cheese and cracker crumbs. Or go simple with a Paçoca (a peanut butter cookie, pronounced Pa-SSO-ca), or fruit salad.

Let Temaki House cater your next party or special event, and we promise to show your guests a really good time!