Don’t Eat Sushi? It’s Time to Give It a Try

Some say they don’t like eating sushi, when in reality they’ve never tried it before or ate sushi once and had a bad experience. How do you know you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it? It’s a phrase mothers all over the world utter to their children.

Sushi is only as good as the restaurant serving it. Freshness, flavorful combinations and presentation are the most important ingredients when serving a delicious sushi meal. At Temaki House, our chefs use all of these elements to concoct unique recipes and alternative options that appeal to nearly everyone.

Get out of your comfort zone and give sushi (or one of our many other baked meat or vegetarian entrees) a try at Temaki House the next time you’re eating lunch or dinner in Indy. If you’re not sure where to start your culinary adventure, our chefs are happy to give suggestions to sushi beginners so you can come to love sushi as much as we do.

Think Beyond the Sushi Roll

Despite the popularity of rice-wrapped sushi rolls in America, sushi is traditionally served in a variety of ways. Our namesake “Temaki” is the Japanese word for “hand-roll” which we serve in a dried seaweed cone filled with rice, vegetables, zesty sauces, and your choice of fish or baked meat. There’s something fun and novel about eating a meal from a cone if you’re only used to eating ice cream that way.

If you’re not a fan of seaweed, you can get your fish, veggies and scrumptious toppings served in a bowl. We call it a “don” because it’s the Japanese term for bowl. You can also top a salad with your favorite fish and veggie fillings.

Temaki offers a new perspective on sushi combinations you may not have otherwise liked or even imagined. Our restaurant is founded on the idea of fusion because we blend our Brazilian roots with Japanese tradition, melding flavors and textures to make it a memorable meal.

Try Our Baked Alternatives

If the thought of eating raw fish doesn’t pique your palette, we can serve baked tuna or chicken in its place. You can also substitute the fish for our sandwich fillings that include chicken salad, tuna salad, and chicken teriyaki.

Not sold on sushi but your friends or coworkers adore it? Tag along to Temaki House and try The Bauru made with mouth-watering roast beef, a blend of cheeses, and served on a baguette. You’ll all thank me.

Put Some Spring in Your Step with Sushi

It’s that time of year when Hoosiers finally start enjoying the outdoors again (although, it is finicky Indiana weather we’re talking about). We crave the green of grass and dream of eating fresh garden vegetables. Spring naturally inspires us to start anew and make healthier decisions.

Sushi is among the healthest options available when you want a quick, convenient lunch or dinner. Combine protein-rich fish with fresh vegetables, seaweed and brown rice to create a well-rounded, nutritious meal that will keep you full and put pep in your step as your activity level ramps up. Even if you opt for our baked alternatives, all of our menu offerings are 500 to 600 calories or less.

Branch out and try something new at Temaki House this season. Our temaki is easy to eat on the go, so stop by the Salesforce building the next time you’re out walking around downtown Indianapolis and pick up one for the road, or relax at a table and enjoy a scrumptious salad or bowl full of freshness while we patiently wait for summer to arrive.