Online Food Delivery and Catering for Sushi Made Healthy

Rush to work. Rush to pick up the kids. Rush to get home. With so much day-to-day rushing here, there and everywhere, is it no wonder we think there’s no time to eat a healthy lunch or dinner? Slow down, take a deep breath and check out downtown Indy’s Temaki House, a fast sushi joint … more »

Making Temaki Sushi is Our Labor of Love

As we all kick back and enjoy a lazy, luxurious Labor Day, the chefs at Temaki House are gearing up for some exciting changes this September. Plan to join us as we expand our menu options, extend our service hours, and create our own sushi labor of love. Our chefs continue to perfect their culinary … more »

Looking for a Healthy Lunch Idea? Eat More Temaki House

Eating lunch in downtown Indianapolis and looking for a healthy lunch idea? No matter whether you work here, live here, or you’re just visiting, you need to check out a new, little hidden gem called for superb sushi on-the-go. Tucked away on the ground floor of the new Salesforce Tower on Ohio Street, just west of … more »
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