Get Healthy by Eating Sushi Wrapped in Seaweed

Seaweed: It’s not the most appetizing word, and it usually conjures up images of something slick and slimy in the water or littering the sand on the beach. But for those who enjoy eating it with sushi and those who farm it in our oceans, seaweed offers many benefits. The edible kind of seaweed, like … more »

Don’t Eat Sushi? It’s Time to Give It a Try

Some say they don’t like eating sushi, when in reality they’ve never tried it before or ate sushi once and had a bad experience. How do you know you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it? It’s a phrase mothers all over the world utter to their children. Sushi is only as good as … more »

Temaki House Dons: A Complete Meal Served in a Bowl

Soup bowls. Salad bowls. Finger bowls. Pasta bowls. So many good foods come in bowls, don’t you think?   At Temaki House, we take great pride in serving a complete meal in a bowl — or what we refer to as a “don,” the Japanese term for bowl. Short for “donburi,” these easy-to-make food bowls … more »
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