Get Healthy, Fresh and Fast Food for the Holidays

Healthy sushi for lunch. Fresh sushi for dinner. Fast sushi for on the go. Whether you’re working downtown during the week, knocking items off your Christmas list, or just taking in the holiday lights and sounds, get healthy, fresh and fast food at The Temaki House. During this busy holiday season, it’s important to stay … more »

Taste a Fusion of International Flavors with Temaki House Sushi

Fusion is the name of the game at Temaki House in downtown Indianapolis. Mingling the big flavors of Brazil with the subtle flavor of Japanese sushi, we bring the same attention to detail that you might expect from a formal sushi restaurant but with a fresh, fast and easy approach. Our Brazilian/Japanese fusion sushi creates … more »

Online Food Delivery and Catering for Sushi Made Healthy

Rush to work. Rush to pick up the kids. Rush to get home. With so much day-to-day rushing here, there and everywhere, is it no wonder we think there’s no time to eat a healthy lunch or dinner? Slow down, take a deep breath and check out downtown Indy’s Temaki House, a fast sushi joint … more »
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