Temaki House Dons: A Complete Meal Served in a Bowl

Soup bowls. Salad bowls. Finger bowls. Pasta bowls. So many good foods come in bowls, don’t you think?   At Temaki House, we take great pride in serving a complete meal in a bowl — or what we refer to as a “don,” the Japanese term for bowl. Short for “donburi,” these easy-to-make food bowls … more »

Need Food Catering Services? Go Brazilian Style to Spice Up Your Next Event!

Brazilians sure do know how to party. They host one of the most raucous events of the year during this month’s Carnival of Brazil, where food, dancing, music and wild parades fill the streets in celebration for days on end. To celebrate our Brazilian heritage, cuisine and culture at this special time of year, Temaki … more »

Sushi: A Healthy and Affordable Option That Tastes Good

Trying to eat healthy for the new year, but already tired of the bland taste that accompanies most food that’s good for you? Make your taste buds happy again and stay on track to meet your weight-loss goals with some help from the chefs at Temaki House. We think healthy food should taste good, and … more »
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